Bing Data causing crashes with add-on Airports or Scenery


reports of addon airports crashing the sim to desktop are piling up. This seems to be caused by a problem with bing data.
I’m having crashes at Aerosoft’s EDDM and EDPL. When I disable Bing Data in the Sim I can spawn at both airports without problems. But as soon as I enable Bing Data again, the sim crashes instantly.



Just a wild guess: yesterday’s update was postponed literally in the last second. Perhaps the servers were updated but our “clients” are still on an old version. :thinking:


I also have the problem with the justsim brussels scene. I contacted them and it is indeed a problem with microsoft and not the addon developers

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The Ibiza Scenery (from the market) Keep crashing my sim.
I try to re-instal it but it dint work.
Anybody now why?


Yes just desactivate the bing data for the moment

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I‘m getting a CTD on the EDDH from Justsim.


I can confirm that with Bing Data Turned off I can load ORBX EGLC.

With Bing Data turned on I get a CTD while the flight loads the ORBX scenery.


Same here. Uninstalled it and it worked again. So will install it again and disable Bing data…and hope Microsoft will fix it soon!!!

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Everytime I load MSFS Marketplace is greyed out…I have logged off and back on xbox console and in the sim.
Turned off Bing load EGNM…It loaded
Turned on Bing load EGNM…it loaded
Turned on Bing load EGLC…CTD
Turned off Bing load EGLC…loaded
Turned on Bing load LGKO…loaded

Both bought on marketplace…and marketplace greyed out…cant access it at all., tried signing out and back in

A few examples from
3rd parties not bought from Marketplace, bought somewhere else

EGCC Bing on…loaded
LSZH Bing on…loaded
EGGD Bing on…loaded
LFTZ Bing on…loaded

One example freeware
EGKK Bing on…loaded

This seems to be caused by any CGL, the aerial imagery. Any of my airports without imagery work, and removing the imagery from my problem airport works. Of course as stated, disabling Bing works as well, so at least I can keep working on my project:)


But this still doesnt explain why the MARKETPLACE is not accessible…greyed out

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Possibly two different issues.

Happened to me at Digital Designs LOWS. CTD on taxi at same spot each time.

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The CTD is while the flight is loading EGLC with bing data on not when bing data is off EGLC loads

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Reproduced crashes at 2/2 airports - will be reproduceable for all Airports that have a custom .cgl file. EGGP: CTD on Final / EGLC: CTD after running out of memory (exeeding 64GB Ram Limit)

Seems to be happening to me with all my Orbx airports in the UK. CTD when approaching them or CTD while loading a new flight with one of the airports as my departure. Will check in in the morning.

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Update: Marketplace up and running now however EGLC still crashes on load with bing data on…TBH not done a full flight with the other airports

Haven’t had a chance to test with other airports but I’m noticing this at EGNM. Turning off Bing appears to fix it.

Given this update, I may have another go at downloading my ORBX Innsbruck package.

It seems to effect both scenery (Orbyx Sydney crashes as you approach the botanical gardens near the Opera House) and airports (for example Rotorua freeware crashes on loading).