My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR) 🟢

My best NVidia Driver recommendation for VR (and 2D):

NVidia Card Driver ver. Comments
20XX/30XX 457.30 Best for VR on 3090, 3080 and 20XX
3060 457.51 Best for VR on 3060
any 471.41 good enough to replace the venerable and trusted 457.30!

Tip: When installing NVidia driver, choose “Custom Installation” and select only “Core Driver files” and “NVidia Physics” (deselect all other options and never install GeForce Experience - see below).

NB: The NVidia driver bugs in VR is present with any driver release after 446.14. However I do have the best results with 457.30 which is close to 446.14 and compatible with SW Squadron with any 20XX card. Many other users are also reporting best results with 457.30.

:warning: 457.30 and 457.51 don’t include the latest security fixes unfortunately

More info: Security Bulletin: NVidia GPU Display Driver - January 2021

Here is some of the latest NVidia drivers history:

NVidia Card Driver ver. Comments
20XX 446.14 Last known WDDM 2.6 prior HAGS (recommended by SteamVR)
" 452.06 1st one with FS2020 optimizations (last one without FrameView SDK*)
3090 456.38 min ver required
3080 456.38 min ver required
3070 457.09 min ver required
3060 457.51 min ver required
any 471.41 good enough to replace the venerable and trusted 457.30!

*this is a new SDK shipping with the driver installation, most likely if you install GeForce Experience. Looking at the files it seems it is meant to capturing the VR views and measuring performance (the type you see in the form of graphs with fpsVr) and I believe it has some Vive IP in there. However it seems Nvidia VR problems started since they included this SDK

@Taleeah Thank you for your kind words!

Yes I do know about the Nvidia driver and I’ve already commented in this discussion about it here:

[update 27JAN2021] I’ve change the warning about the security fixes (thanks @AlexE75)
[update 10AUG2021] Added 471.41