Current issue with live weather and associated ctd (and possibly black screen on xbox)

This is a public service announcement based on multiple feedback posts across discord and the forums.

For those suffering ctd issues associated with the current live weather outage (and possible black screen issues with the xbox), one work around that seems to be working is to use pre-set weather before launching a flight rather than use live weather.

It seems starting a flight with live weather and switching to pre-set is not as effective.

For those who want to use this thread to question when it will be fixed… I have no idea! Watch the forum banner for any update as per:

For those that want to vent about live weather not working… I suspect you will be posting to the choir on that one. This is a thread for those who may be interested in a potential solution to the ctd issue.

Update: Please also see this post below

Update 3 Jan:
A server side fix has been applied that hopefully will solve the issue


Thank you for update.


There are also reports that this work around may also solve performance issues that were not previously there in the sim, e.g. degrading fps.

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Is it just me or is the degrading performance thing an nvidia issue?
I did just have a CTD today, and the live weather issues could have been a cause… but I have an AMD GPU and have never experienced degrading fps.

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I hope I’m not breaking any rules asking this, but if anyone uses REX weather force could you advise me on ‘weather’ :wink: or not it’s working? I’m willing to pay the 20 bucks to have live weather right now, especially if a fix isn’t coming for possible days or weeks!
I just wanna fly vatsim is all.
Thanks and good day!

Perfectly valid question.
Reports I have seen indicate that it does work even with the current MS weather outage:

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Thank you for your answer!

for me, the rex weather works when on ground/below 10000ft but it has many issues above that like jumping aircraft etc. Also on ground, the QNH only corrects itself when starting the takeoff roll which is a bit annoying. I’d maybe just wait for Asobos fix


Thank you for that!

I hope CTD and game sttutering issues originating from the Asobo/Microsoft servers would be fixed ASAP… this is very frustrating for us simmers


MS just posted on Twitter. Check it out.

I just want a working sim…


Using pre set weather doesn’t change anything for the performance of the sim. Still get ctds and fps degradation


I don’t know where to write… I spent 19 euros to buy the boeing 777 and the game crashes continuously, either before flying or during the flight … it’s really frustrating! can someone tell me how to get my money back?

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I’ve been waiting 25 years for one!


Not happening. I’d also suggest not saying anything bad about MS. They’ll delete your comment.


Was the plane from a 3rd party or the market place on MSFS. Likely you will never get your Money back as most software companies disclose this in their software license.

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The server issue is not just affecting live weather. I ve tried with weather presets and still have extremely low fps after a while. I´ve tried offline (internet disconnected) with all aircraft and scenery addons and it worked perfectly. The only way to enjoy the sim is offline.

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