VFR Map Losing Route - No Magenta Line

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VFR route disappears from VFR Map and also Garmin display. Autopilot will continue to fly the route.
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Nothing special to do. It just does it. Was doing a flight from KSAN to KLAS with a waypoints at Lake Havasu and Hoover Dam. Notice that on second photo the distance from KNRS to Lake Havasu is only 8NM.
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Magenta line bug?!?
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Someone posted earlier that POI names with greater than six characters as part of a flight plan will cause the Magenta Line to disappear.


That may explain it, third waypoint is LAKE HAVASU CITY and fourth Hoover Dam. I have update the Garmin which now shows the flight plan.

Thanks for the info!

This worked fine before sim update 3 and did not get fixed with the latest update.


Hi, all PLN files I downloaded from the internet show in my in game avionics. I now have created two PLN files myself and while I can load them in the sim no problem they don’t show in game, neither in avionics nor in the VFR map. I cannot see anything in the syntax of these PLN that differs from other PLN files that show up in avionics. Could anyone please help?
8000ers Nepal.PLN (3.7 KB) 8000ers Pakistan.PLN (2.9 KB)

EDIT: the POIs show in the avionics menu but not the plans

Do these plans include POIs (i.e. cities, named tourist spots, fauna etc) and are they six characters or greater in name length?

You can find them attached above. They include custom coordinates with custom IDs - these IDs are longer than 6 characters.

Edit: sample waypoint:

User N28° 35' 51.42",E83° 49' 14.22",+008500.00 -1

Yep. That’s a recently discovered bug. Make the names less than six characters if you can. For fixed POIs in the sim, there’s no workaround. The AP will follow the route, it’s just the Magenta Line will not appear.

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Super! Thank you. All sorted now.

  • Do not use POI with six characters or more in your flight plan

I did not find the fix for this issue as someone was talking about another related issue importing a flight plan and I have lost the thread and am out of time today. So I will just post the fix in case people missed it and or are still running into the bug which can be frustrating. I tested it and it seems to work so for now I will say solved unless I run into it again.

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Hi,have a new problem,never happen to me,so the magenta line in the vfr map dosnt show up,or at least shows up only the first time in flight,after that,when i finish the flight and i want to make another one,disappered from the vfr map so i have to reboot the sim to flight again and make the vfr map works again.

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have the same problem, when i create a route just from airport to airport on the world map the pink line shows up, but when in cockpit and accessing vfr map drop down, the pink route line is missing. I am using vr flying.

So let me get this straight unless we get more votes this long standing BUG will never be fixed?

Use short waypoint names amd you won’t have any problems. I think the max is six characters.

Before sim update 3 that was not true so that is a regression bug to me.

Yes, it is a bug. But for a lot of us it’s no big deal. Other more important problems to fix. But I understand how it could bother some people.

Anyone of you have an idea related a similar issue?

Same issue here, so we are still waiting for it to be fixed