Community Fly-In Friday: WORLD TOUR

Full Itinerary (Updated each week)

Stage 1: Kitty Hawk to Washington
Stage 2: Washington to Ottawa
Stage 3: Ottawa to Gander
Stage 4: Gander to Nuuk
Stage 5: Nuuk to Reykjavik
Stage 6: Reykjavik to Dublin
Stage 7: Dublin to London
Stage 8: London to Amsterdam
Stage 9: Amsterdam to Luxembourg
Stage 10: Luxembourg to Paris
Stage 11: Paris to Andorra
Stage 12: Andorra to Madrid
Stage 13: Madrid to Lisbon
Stage 14: Lisbon to Rabat
Stage 15: Rabat to Fez
Stage 16: Fez to Oran
Stage 17: Oran to Algiers

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