Community Fly-In Friday: WORLD TOUR

Over the past 3+ years, we have been hosting Community Fly-In Friday almost every week. Each time, we chose a different destination based on a particular theme: a national holiday, the anniversary of a historic aviation milestone, a showcase flight for a recently-released World Update, etc.

Moving forward, we are going to try something new for Fly-In Friday: a multi-part World Tour! Our origin will be the birthplace of flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. From there, we will visit the capital city of each UN member state in one continuous flight plan. Each week, we will pick off from where we left off the prior week.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we won’t also have special one-off Community Fly-In Friday flights for special events. Our plan is to have, on average, three World Tour flights and one standalone special flight every month.

We’re really excited for this new journey around the world and hope you’re just as excited to join us!

Stay tuned for more information about Stage 1: Kitty Hawk to Washington which will take place this Friday, December 15, 2023!


Full Itinerary (Updated each week)

Stage 1: Kitty Hawk to Washington
Stage 2: Washington to Ottawa
Stage 3: Ottawa to Gander
Stage 4: Gander to Nuuk
Stage 5: Nuuk to Reykjavik
Stage 6: Reykjavik to Dublin
Stage 7: Dublin to London
Stage 8: London to Amsterdam

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This is exciting!! I’ve always wanted to do a world tour but never had the time to. Very much look forward to it!

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I’m also very excited about doing this.
I remember a few months back you folks at promoted a world tour that was done by a large group of pilots, I was going to attempt that solo but life seemed a way to interrupt me.

With that being said I look forward to this upcoming world tour and no doubt will be doing my first flight on Saturday… Had to bump things a day back cause of work.
But as per usual I’ll post the video on the friday fly in event thread.

This is an amazing idea and I am looking forward to being apart of this grand adventure!!! :slight_smile:

I’d also have liked a different format with different guests of the community joining. It was all very samey for me when I used to join.

Would have liked to see a more diversely represented community fly-in than Jayne, Seedy and SimTom and Peter1482. etc …rarely the guy with the cool voice.

Maybe having Xbox represented on the panel, maybe invite Fly with Lilo etc - Just mix it up a little. There’s also some great LGBTQ+ community members on Twitch. Variety and diversity.

For that reason I stopped joining. Enjoy it all!

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Great to see the fly in Fridays being shaken up a bit. The based on historic events idea was getting a little repetitive.

If I can make a suggestion that some of these legs are varied in distance a bit more than last time.

Maybe some longer in faster aircraft and shorter to allow some of the slower (say <100ktas bush/vintage planes) to take part. Either way keeping to 2 hours or so.

Look forward to seeing where this goes!

Agree on the diversity….definitely more the better.

The problem you’d have with xbox players is how would they stream the video? I think they currently use OBS which is PC only.

I guess they could screen share their twitch stream but that could break other T&Cs

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It’s Microsoft they’d find a way…

YOu can always join us on the discord, Im happy fly around with others in my slow as heck C172. LOL

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Might well do! Lol.

Hearing a different commentary would be good.

Used to often feel like flying with a Great Great Uncle whose been overseas and wants to show you each photo of his trip slowly. Which is adorable and really informative. Just not fun every week :sob:

I do believe the image of Flight Simulation in 2020 needs to be more fun sometimes. In a more gaming sense of the word. Dare I say this. Lol.

We on the discord often discus different aircraft, sometimes locals of from the area we are flying over will talk about those areas. Other times, its quiet as a tomb… LOL. join us with the link, we will see you there, and my in-sim name is the same as above. Hope to you see you on Friday.

That’s going to lead to some long legs, like crossing the Atlantic. I guess darkstars for those days lol


I thought that. So wonder where the next one will be…Washington DC to Ottawa maybe?

I would have said the capital of Greenland but doesn’t look like they are part of the UN. Still many countries to come…should be interesting.

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they’re represented by Denmark yeah

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Do you use the voice channel?.
If so do you feel it enhances the flight or maybe its just a social chat thing?.

Watching VOD since not always available when live and it clearly shows the connection issues when using music if that helps with troubleshooting later.

Didn’t impact me continuously watching till the end. Its was a great stream as always.

Hopefully can join in at some sections of this world tour as like the idea and will be following regardless flying or not.

I find its more of a social thing, for a more immersive and realistic experience I use VatSim.

Who ever said Gaming wasn’t educational :grinning:

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